The alliance of knowledge & innovation:

L’alliance du « savoir-faire » traditionnel & de l’innovation. Everything at the Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Company starts with selected quality fibers chosen from only the top suppliers!

Fibers such as: Cotton lisle, American or Egyptian long fiber cotton, French combed wool, Chinese silk or Indian cashmere to name a few.

Sources such as: Leading European spinners in France, Italy, Germany and Austria for example.

Our teams in charge of sourcing and technology, frequent all the top trade shows to keep up with new products, technology, market trends and consumer expectations.
The endless technological and industrial research ensures production in the best conditions and the regular maintenance of our machines ensures we continue to offer a wide variety of quality products.

Perrin’s manufacturing equipment includes LONATI, NAGATA, BUSI, and BENTLEY KOMET machines which can produce traditional knitwear to products with the most elaborate of details.
The model “the sock that holds tight”, this elastic-free model, is unique, made using an innovative knitting process invented by our R&D team and developed by our design office.
Our designs and all manufacturing are guaranteed & certified 100% French made, and all our products are subject to manual quality control inspection at every stage of its manufacture.

PERRIN Manufacturing was awarded the “Living Heritage Company” (EPV) of the French textile industry in August 2014. This award recognizes Perrin for meeting all the rigorous criteria demanded by the French state and this prestigious nod not only rewards and valorizes all our staff but, serves to instill confidence that when you buy Perrin you are buying quality!
Perrin’s factory is located in the Burgundy region which is internationally known and appreciated for the quality of life it offers those that live and visit there. Burgundy is a renowned wine-growing region and is a land rich in cultural heritage forged by the kings of Burgundy and the founders of the kingdom of “La France.”
Here we cultivate and nurture all that is beautiful and create with a deep respect that which makes for a wholesome fulfilling lifestyle.

The love we have for Burgundy is seconded only by the joy we get in sharing it with you!

Reinforced at the toes and heel

Superior durability!

Hand finished

Incredibly comfortable

Made to size

A sock perfectly
fitted to your foot!