La boutique de la Manufacture Perrin

Perrin’s display room and store located in the Perrin factory is a true industrial cathedral and a sight to behold. As a continuation of our production unit, Perrin invites “Made in France” brands and creators to display and sell their creations alongside its own.
The industrial loft space is an observatory of the trends and innovations available on French soil today. We combine design creations from knitting, weaving to industrial furniture. Each partner is carefully selected for the quality, creativity and the comfort of their products.

Berthe Aux Grands Pieds

This ultra creative manufacturer conceives, produces and distributes men’s, women’s and children’s socks that have been catching everyone attention since it was founded by Régis Gautreau in 2003. Regis’s energy and vision boost the entire creative process whether it’s socks, tights, accessories hats, gloves, mittens or the slippers “Berthe shoes”! The Berthe Aux Grands Pieds brand is a rising star worth following very closely!

Le Slip Français

This young ‘Made in France’ start-up is legging up and getting attention!
The energy and ingenuity of this manufacturing start-up is quite extra-ordinary, using staggered funny messages on social networks to get its message out! Take a look!
Being clever and insisting on only the highest quality socks in their product line, ‘Le Slip Français’ has skillfully partnered with Perrin Manufacturing Co, Frances leading hosiery manufacturer. You’ll find ‘Le Slip Français’ indoor and outdoor collections displayed in the “Made in France Cathedral” at Perrin, along with other eye catching products manufactured for them by other French manufactures.
Quite extra-ordinary!

Gauthier Shirts

You don’t know what tailor-made is until you’ve worn a Gauthier!
The workshop of this outstanding craftsman is located in the heart of Chalon-sur-Saone in an old silk factory. This skillful artisan has been creating impeccable tailor made shirts since 1956! We are totally amazed by the details in this collection, like magnificent double twisted cotton poplin, real mother of pearl buttons and hand embroidery just to name few!


Gohia is a wonderful collection of scarves by the French designer Alexandre Fruchart whose well known to be one of the finest textile printers in France. Alexandre is one of the dazzling artisans who contribute to the preservation of our heritage in the fields of manufacturing and the printing of high quality textile articles. The beautiful scarves made by this manufacturing unit located in the Ain region, also very complementary to our other brands and creations.Be colourful, wear a Gohia scarf by Alexandre Fruchart!

Perrin 1924 Socks

Socks Collection by Perrin 1924: PERRIN’ manufacturing’s exceptional collection of socks have made the company famous since its creation in 1924! This unique and diverse collection of socks with fine detailed finishes fulfills all the expectations of comfort and style whatever your activity. Perrin socks “Made in France” for everyday life in town and country, sports, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, safety, ceremony or cocooning. Perrin socks, socks that cultivate your sense of detail and well-being!

Dagobert à l’envers

Dagobert à l’envers remarkable collection of coordinated socks, underwear and boxers are made in tribute to a Burgundian king known for his sophistication and his extravagance! For this collection, the PERRIN manufacturing Co. also gives a graphic universal nod to the surrealism movement dear to René Magritte. These coordinated boxers and socks are also reversible!
It’s up to you to play according to your mood!
It’s underwear that’s fun to wear!

La Chaussette Française

La Chaussette Francaise collection of dress socks are careful finished and made according to traditional heritage at PERRIN hosiery. La Chaussette Française produces socks of the highest quality perfectly crafted to fit the foot and is proudly sold in the shop of the Assemblée Nationale in Paris! (National Assembly). Take a step up in class with La Chaussette Française!


This flagship manufacturer presents a famous collection of unisex and striped sweaters with a navy look which is still today chic, loved and timeless. A salted style with meshes and nautical accents of a tempered nature, and a style unavoidable to a brand anchored in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. A symbol of enduring distinction that we are proud to welcome to Montceau-Les-Mines!


TOLIX is an industrial furniture and accessories designer famous for its home and office concepts and creations. Tolix has anchored its regional show-room at Perrin Manufacturing Co., as Perrin’s industrial loft setting “Made in France” showroom is the perfect setting to enhance their collection. Tolix is well known to be at the cutting edge of innovation and the latest trends. Tolix manufacturing displays a preview of the latest metal and wood blend creations as well as the latest design accessories to match. Take a seat, relax and we’ll let you know when it’s time to go home!