The Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Company was founded in 1924 in Montceau-les-Mines in the Saône-et-Loire by Francis Perrin. Then in the 1930’s between the two great wars, Francis was joined by his son René and together they ardently forged on. With Francis at the helm, René Perrin along with his nephew Guy Reynaud focused their energy on furthering Perrin’s manufacturing capabilities. It is on their resolve, work ethic and passion for excellence the Perrin Company was founded.

PERRIN Manufacturing remains to this day a family heritage company proudly looking forward to the future with its 4th generation of founders: ‘President’ Mrs. Martine Couturier and ‘Sales Director’ Mr. Franck Couturier. Built on unyielding Perrin family values, the Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Company remains the only family-run and self financed manufacturer of socks and tights in France today!

The vision of these great pioneers and our company charter remains to combine high quality sourcing and manufacturing with a deep respect for the expectations of consumers. The company’s mission remains anchored with extensive research, innovation, development and a never ending quest to find the newest comfortable solutions for which the company’s collections are well-known.
The PERRIN Manufacturing Company’s longevity and reliability is also rooted in its ability to establish long-lasting relationships with our broad distribution network.
Our products are available in France through selective distribution and premium sales outlets which are chosen by their ability to reflect the qualities of our creations and our company.
Known for quality and style, the Perrin Knitwear Manufacturing Co. now expands in Europe and internationally.

The Perrin family, grocers who develop in the textile industry of the hosiery, from 1924.

Key figures 2021 – 2022

Foundation in 1924

5th generation of family know-how

1 hours and 20 minutes from Paris : headquarters in Montceau-les-Mines in Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy region, France

95 skilled workers in the “hosiery” sector

15 sales representatives in France and Europe

€ 9 million in sales

4 brands: Perrin, La Chaussette Française, Berthe aux Grands Pieds, Dagobert à l’envers

25 euros : average public price for the pair of socks

27 “La MANUFACTURE” shops located in France

50 sellers  partners of our store