La Manufacture : your Made In France shop in Rouen (Normandy)

The concept of 100% Made In France shops developped by Perrin (French oldest hosiery manufacturer) arrives at Rouen (Normandy).

A location in the heart of the town

The place selected to install our new shop has been chosen with our local partner, Valentin Jules, who runs the business. It is located on the right side of the Seine at the number 29 & 31 of the Place des Carmes, known of the rouennais (name of Rouen’s inhabitants) for its statue of the french novelist Gustave Flaubert.

The shop is located between two renowned stores Paul Marius (leather goods) and MOA (interior decoration) at the corner of Place des Carmes and Croix-de-fer street

Represented brands

The store hosts only emblematic “Made in France” brands, first and foremost our own brands, along with emblematic partner brands, which we list below.

Berthe Aux Grands Pieds department at La Manufacture Rouen

Berthe Aux Grands Pieds

La Manufacture Rouen is your new reference retailer for Berthe Aux Grands Pieds socks, tights, sweaters, sneakers and accessories.

Perrin 1924 at La Manufacture Rouen

Perrin 1924

Perrin 1924 socks, tights and accessories are also featured in our Rouen boutique. Everyday products (work and sports socks), socks without a compression edge, as well as classic and fancy models.

Dagobert à l’envers

Find at the Manufacture Rouen, the Dagobert à l’envers articles, our creative brand inspired by the surrealist movement: matching cotton socks and boxer shorts, reversible double socks, charentaises, slippers and suspenders.

Dagobert and La Chaussette Française at La Manufacture Rouen

La Chaussette Française

The brand of socks for initiated men, with plain colors and beautiful materials. Find in our Rouen store our socks in Scottish yarn, wool, silk and cashmere.

Le Slip Français

The brand that has revitalized Made In France in the eyes of the general public is represented at the Manufacture in Rouen. Find the complete range of briefs, boxers, swimsuits, as well as the range of women’s lingerie.


Jeans produced less than 1083 kilometers from your home in Romans-sur-Isère (26) have a place of choice in our Rouen store with a wide choice of cuts and colors.

Achel Ressource by Lemahieu

La Manufacture Rouen offers the Achel Ressource menstrual panties range. Manufactured by Lemahieu, they are an ecological alternative to periodical protections.

The team

The store is run by our partner Valentin, accompanied by his saleswoman Pauline. They have received a complete product training from the Perrin teams and are able to advise you with a smile.

Days and hours of operation

  • Monday from 2 to 7 pm
  • Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 7pm

N.B.: Always check the validity of the schedules by calling the store.

Information and contact:

Keep in touch with the store

Keep in touch with Manufacture Rouen by subscribing to their Instagram account. Find out what’s new, what’s coming in, and what operations are in place.

Want to get started ?

You are seduced by the concept of La Manufacture, you have the Made In France in your heart and you dream of launching yourself in an entrepreneurial adventure? Contact us to study this together.