Discover our passion and love affair with knitwear since 1924

Come see on film the techniques and craftsmanship involved in the manufacturing of French socks and tights, and learn a few secrets of the knitwear trade at Perrin manufacturing. This film shows the alliance of generational knowledge and innovation within our manufacturing facility in Montceau-Les-Mines, Burgundy.
At Perrin manufacturing we are wholly committed to the sourcing of quality fibers from controlled origins and adhere only to the highest manufacturing standards. Using only the best production tools and machines in the industry both, classic and modern, we can produce a wide prism of quality knitwear from traditional hosiery to the most technologically advanced knitwear products.
Through this film you will discover our attachment to quality from prototyping to manufacturing, through to the manual finishing and the selling of socks and tights.
Our knitwear manufacturing facility is located in the Burgundy region which is internationally recognized and appreciated for its culture, artisanship and the pursuit of a wholesome lifestyle by those who live and visit there. This film is our opportunity to share our knowledge, the joy we have for our land, life, our crafts and to share our warm values.
Please come and visit us during your next stay in Burgundy! Spread the word on social networks and let everyone know you are all welcome in Burgundy! We are waiting for you!